About Us

Greatest Tee™ is a vertical apparel company based in Los Angeles.
We make all our garments exclusively in house from start to finish.
We focus on making day to day premium quality basic garments that will last longer at a fair cost.  
Our goal is to elevate your closet and ensure your comfort. 
Greatest Tees™ has over 20 years experience in apparel manufacturing so we have experimented with all the fabrics in the market and found the very best.
Our raw process is what makes us unique, as we control our manufacturing from start to finish, from knitting the fabric, to cutting and sewing all the way to the final product. We don't subcontract and we never use any off-shoring so everythig is proudly made in USA.
This in house process ensures our quality, sets our standard and gives us the availability to sell a premium garment at a tremendous value. We have been making premium quality garments for some of the world's top brands for more than two decades.
Our garments are pre washed and pre-shrunk. You should expect maximum softness and zero shrinkage so all products are built to last unlike most tees in the market at these prices.
With Greatest Tees, you get the premium quality but cut out the retail mark up and take advantage of direct to manufacturer wholesale prices.
We are contrarians, deeply focused on sustainability and efficiency in order to advance the interests of our customers, our workers, the community and the world as a whole.
All of our employees earn fair wages and work together as a family, blending classic production methods with advanced technology and contrarian thinking to create high-quality garments that are both sustainable and durable.
For these reasons, we are growing quickly and have been a mainstay in Los Angeles as many factories have left the country, we continue to thrive as we believe in local manufacturing from an efficiency, ethical and quality point of view.
We use textiles and yarn made in the United States to support our domestic manufacturing. Over 90 percent of our yarn consumption is derived from domestic sources supporting domestic cotton farmers and the local yarn industry.
We strive to serve the interests of our customers and remain environmentaly correct by reducing the impact of our domestic supply chain’s carbon footprint.

Dress better, spend less and support our community. 

The Greatest Tees is great for everyone!

Now you probably understand why it is the Greatest Tee™ 😎